Take Action Online

Have you already signed up to attend the local 'We're Watching You' event in your community? Are you looking for another way to support the cause? Here are few simple, quick and effective online actions you can take.


Participate in the #ProtectPressFreedom Selfie Campaign

Print the following image and take a photo of yourself holding it up either alone or with a group of friends or colleagues. Tweet it to @CanadaCJFE and @JustinTrudeau or post on Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #ProtectPressFreedom.

 placardpicture.pngselfieplacard.png Placard_en_francais.jpg

Sample tweets

  • February 25 let @JustinTrudeau know we’re watching him on #C51 and press freedom protectpressfreedom.ca
  • February 25, join the national day of action to end #surveillance, repeal #C51 and #ProtectPressFreedom protectpressfreedom.ca
  • Join @CanadaCJFE in action for a #ProtectPressFreedom shield law and #YourNatlSec reform protectpressfreedom.ca

Sample Facebook posts

  • Here’s what we’re doing to pressure the government on national security and press freedom issues: www.protectpressfreedom.ca
  • Want to take action on national security and press freedom? Don’t know where to start? Don’tworry, we have a plan. www.protectpressfreedom.ca/day_of_action
  • Join us February 25th to defend your rights and stand up for #ProtectPressFreedom. www.protectpressfreedom.ca/day_of_action
  • Just watch me? Trudeau, we’re watching you on press freedom and national security. Join the action here: www.protectpressfreedom.ca
  • Do you have time to call your MP or visit their office? We’ve prepared a guide so you can take action to #ProtectPressFreedom today. www.protectpressfreedom.ca/lobbying
  • The government is watching, time to let them know we’re watching back. Simple, effective online advocacy tools at www.protectpressfreedom.ca/online


Sign the #ProtectPressFreedom Petition

We are hosting a petition calling for the government and the RCMP to drop demands for access to VICE Journalist Ben Makuch's private communications with sources. The petition also asks that a statutory framework be amended to provide greater protection for journalists and whistleblowers.

Sign the #ProtectPressFreedom Petition


Join the Thunderclap

Thunderclap is an online platform which allows users to sign up to participate in amplifying a specific message or appeal. By signing up to the Thunderclap, you are helping to ensure that our day of action activities will have the most amplification possible.

Thunderclaps store a specific message and schedule it on behalf of all participants, so on February 25th at noon, everyone who has signed up to the thunderclap will post and tweet a specific message and image at the same time.

This makes it much more likely that people will see the appeal to #ProtectPressFreedom. The Thunderclap will help bring significant attention to the campaign.

Join the Thunderclap

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